Foreign ~ AMBW~ Dean Fanfic

Foreign ~ AMBW~ Dean Fanfic

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Eunsook.books By Eunnsook Updated Sep 15, 2017


"The names Dean baby, what's yours?" A voice whispered in my ear, while pressing their body against mine. 

"Unavailable." I respond and  gyrate my hips harder into him. 

"Damn, Why you lying girl? Give me a chance, I promise it'll be worth your time." He whispers again and licks my earlobe causing shiver to run through my body.

I turned around to see an asian guy, an attractive one at that. He had short black hair styled up and cute pink lips. Did I mention his smile was to die for?

"Hm you're cute, maybe I am available." I whispered back, stepping on my tip toes to lick his earlobe. 

"Wanna get out of here then?" He smirked 

"Slow down there mister, I said maybe" I teased.

Taking my hand and running it down the front of his t-shirt, making my way to the front of his pants.

"Shit, you're a tease." He said and grabbed my ass pulling me closer.

I grabbed him by the belt loops of his jeans and pulled him in the direction of the exit.

He took me to his hotel and on the way there he told me he was from Korea and was here in Cali for some business. 

I left before he woke up...I know a complete bitch move. But I left a read..

Let's do it again sometime...Dean.

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RachaelChatmonWilson RachaelChatmonWilson Aug 21, 2017
It sucks when those one night stands come back to bite you in the ass.