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The Little Game

The Little Game

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TheLadyInRedAndBlack By TheLadyInRedAndBlack Updated Jan 27

Adrien invites Marinette to come his private fencing classes, to help her with her self defence . Little does Marinette  know that the fencing class is going to be a something else then she had expected...

JadaBug2005 JadaBug2005 Jan 27
Since when did Adrien become such a flirt around Marinette as Adrien
lorddeathmemes lorddeathmemes Nov 15, 2016
*Hikaru and Kaoru show up* LET'S PLAY THE WHICH ONE IS ADRIEN GAME!!!
soggy-soccx soggy-soccx Sep 11, 2016
I'm confused is it chat or adrien? And do they know there secret identity?
ChatNoirIsBadass ChatNoirIsBadass Oct 17, 2016
Wait, wait, wait. Wtf am I reading. WHAT HAPPENED TO ADRIEN?!?! ;-;
SatansTrueForm SatansTrueForm Sep 13, 2016
'I would love to bite you lips'
                              Adrian said. Lips looked at him with fear 
                              Slowly adrien walked over to the pair of lips and bite them 
                              Lips started bleeding and slowly dying 
                              Adrian started to cry 
LillyPaws3 LillyPaws3 6 days ago
WOW...😱 I never knew that Adrien could be such a flirt around Marinette