Fred Weasley: My Lover

Fred Weasley: My Lover

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Maddy Hunter By MaddyHunter5 Updated Nov 29, 2016

Young Maddison of the pureblood Hunter family was a polite young girl, much different to the rest of the Death Eater family. Much to her family's dismay she was sorted into Gryffindor house. Due to this, her selfish family disowned her in fear of being known as bloodtraitors. Molly Weasley, the kind-hearted mother of the well-known ginger family, the Weasley's, took Maddy under her wing.

Ever since first year, Maddy has been best friends with the trio and the Weasley twins. Upon living at the Burrow, Maddy begins to have feelings for the one and only Fred Weasley. Will Maddy get over her schoolgirl crush? Will Fred ever like her back? Will a surprise from her past impact her life forever? 

Hope you enjoy the story!

kacey_KC kacey_KC Jun 17
Actually Hermione is 12 too. She's a year older than Harry and Ron, but, her birthday is in September of 1979(correct me if I'm wrong), (and Harry and Ron's are 1980), when school starts, so she has to wait until the next school year to go to Hogwarts.
KarmaTheRealMVP KarmaTheRealMVP Jun 26, 2016
Voldemort gave him the scar? I thought he was in the car with his parents and they crashed into a crocodile. His parents got eaten, but then the crocodile took out a knife and gave him that scar!
qqqbindi qqqbindi Feb 19, 2015
It's meant to be her 4th year if she is one year level above the golden trio