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Dangerous Liaisons [Sterek]

Dangerous Liaisons [Sterek]

2M Reads 51.6K Votes 32 Part Story
Rebekah By BekkaChaos Completed

A Sterek fiction. When Derek realises that Stiles has become a trigger for him he tries to stay away. He knows that waiting until it passes is the best thing for both of them, but after being forced to stay together in a pool for hours Derek can't help but seek Stiles out. Little does he know that he is stirring something in both of them that they didn't even know existed.
Warning: This story does contain smut.

wallflowerjimin wallflowerjimin Dec 23, 2016
i already read and finished the first two books of this series and half of the third on my other account but rifjdhsbf i feel a dire need to reread this on this account so that's what i'm gonna do
highxbyxthexbeachx highxbyxthexbeachx Dec 02, 2016
I read the summary and i was like "god please be more than two parts" and then I saw 32 parts and basically I nut
JellyContinues JellyContinues 15 hours ago
I've only seen like 6 episodes of Teen Wolf and Stiles and Derek are my favourite characters. Then I heard there was a ship for them and all I could think was "Ahhh...fanfiction"
*flashbacks to when the nogitsune possessed Stiles, and when Derek said that* Yup!
Just as long as you don't think with it instead of your brain ya should be fine
I read this story the first time I found wattpad, it was like the first story I read, then I lost it😥. But I've found it so I'm going to read it again😁