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Hannah By katnisspotter76 Updated Oct 15, 2013

The year is 2134.  The United States of America has anything but freedom.  Certain luxuries from the past have been banned.  Any electronic device is banned.  Any unhealthy food is banned.  Music, unapproved books, and learning any language except for English is banned.  Exercise is required.  The government has convinced everyone that this will help.  Everyone must follow the rules to make a perfect, happy country.  Everyone will follow, right?  Wrong.

In New York City, now known as Imperial City, many people do not follow the strictly enforced rules.  Although they try to stop the law-breakers, there are always more to break it.  That is why we need families that convince everyone to follow the law.  The Smiths are one of those families.

Rosie Smith seems like the perfect law-follower.  She participates in public activities, she is polite, she is beautiful.  She is the perfect daughter.  Too bad her family does not know her other life.  She breaks the laws without hesitation.  She listens to music, eats junk food, reads any book she can get her hands on, and knows eight different languages.  But nobody knows.  Everything is going perfect.  Until her parents start to suspect something from her suspicious schedule.

Rosie us paired up with William Dreysons, a son of another rule-following family.  Rosie tries to ignore him, but finds out that she can't ever go a day without seeing him.  As Rosie learns more about William, she begins to fall in love with him.  Will she share her secrets?  What will William do if he finds out?  Rosie is about to find out.

AquaSolar AquaSolar May 12, 2016
One error: you said they went for lunch, but then u said after dinner