Fix My Heart

Fix My Heart

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love wins By syreren Updated Nov 23

(Name) was a hybrid vampire who had been turned by her long lost grandfather, Ferid Bathory, when she was only eight. Since the very beginning, she refrained herself from drinking human blood and lived by Ferid's blood as the exchange. 

One day, she met a boy named Mikaela Hyakuya at two in the morning. He was a human "livestock" who seemed always happy even though he had burden that laid upon him, what made her curious. Although there was a big boundary, (Name) managed to bind a relationship--something she called 'a tie'--with the boy. 

A vampire and a human became friends.

Yet the things weren't that easy, there was someone who wanted to separate the beautiful relationship and made the two suffer with lost and loneliness. 

[Characters belong to Takaya Kagami]

I like it oh my gosh. 
                              Oh my gosh.
                              I found a Mikaela Hyakuya story without three mistakes per sentence in it. 
                              I should be crying, it took a lot of time to find such a fanfiction, and finally, this happened. 
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