Living With The Bad Boy: A European Vacation *ON HOLD*

Living With The Bad Boy: A European Vacation *ON HOLD*

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crazycliche By crazycliche Updated Aug 03, 2017

The lighthearted and comedic love story of Bronte and Blake continues as they and their friends embark on what is meant to be a relaxing vacation to Europe for a school history excursion.

What they don't expect, however, is to experience the exact opposite of a relaxing vacation as a creepy stalker, an infuriating con man, a trouble-making Max and determined home-wreckers are tossed into the mix.

With plenty of parties, sneaky whereabouts and more than enough drama, Bronte and Blake are in for a holiday they'll never forget. 

Whether that's a good or bad thing is for you to find out.

∆ ∆ ∆

It's recommended that you read the first book before moving onto this one because you'll probably get confused!

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Let me get that spray what’s actually windex and spray it in his FACE
Tf you need some serious help and not only with your activities with Ethyl.
poompaloompa3467 poompaloompa3467 Oct 23, 2017
The only reason she doesn’t want to sit with Alec is because imagining being and 17 year old and sitting next to a 7 year old, that’s how it’s gonna feel for her
Dss_1101 Dss_1101 Oct 15, 2017
Did anyone else feel nosy enough to bring out the trusty google translate to find out what they were talking about because I did. (Spoiler alert: they just want to know if someone wants to translate it and if so, who)