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Return: SasuSaku (Completed Story)

Return: SasuSaku (Completed Story)

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Yuzi-Chan By YuziBlossom Completed

It has been three years since the fourth great ninja war ended, three years since Kakashi became Hokage and began training Naruto; three years since Sasuke left...we still haven't heard any word from him. Part of me thinks that he isn't coming back. Even though he said he'd see me soon, it's been too long. He told me he needed to see the world for himself, all the things he overlooked. Sasuke never told us when he would return, so I decided to finally stop counting the days and the weeks, and the months after the first year passed. There wasn't any point in waiting on a man who might not even come back, who might not even care.

I swear he lost the sharingan after using it in that final strike with team 7 to Kaguya. Aren't both his eyes meant to be exposed now?
Kakashi this makes you sound like a creepy pervert old man and you are smoother with the ladies then that so stahp
KuroYukiR27 KuroYukiR27 Apr 18, 2016
Is this KakaSaku? *sparkling eyes* Hope you'll update soon YuziBlossom-san! ^_^
Animespring Animespring Apr 15, 2016
Just saying but if Kakashi was the guy instead of Gaara, (which Sakura is basically "dating") it would be crazy cool bc in the beginning of the story you wrote that Kakashi wanted a woman like Sakura!
Animespring Animespring Apr 16, 2016
Omg! The story is going to be dope!!! I love it since Sakura "knows" What's under his mask! Lol!.
YuziBlossom YuziBlossom Apr 16, 2016
I liked your idea much better, it makes more sense than filling in a background story with Gaara. Sooooo wellaaaahh!