Depressed // Phan Texting

Depressed // Phan Texting

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Sorry guys I'm at 1% By mo-lester-moon Updated 4 days ago

Phil is depressed.

Dan helps with depression

The only way Dan can help?

Is if you send one text.


Date created - 03/04/16
                               M   D    Y

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                               M   D   Y

Lower case intended

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh I like this book already nice start 😊😊
DesertVampire DesertVampire 5 days ago
I just came from Transgender and I'm sobbing so R.I.P my feelings
flake99p flake99p Nov 03
Already crying and it's only the second chapter . This book I S going to be emotional😭😭😭😭
whoa the feels are hitting hard *grabs crafting materials* brb crafting