Skin✄Brendon Urie Fanfiction

Skin✄Brendon Urie Fanfiction

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brooke🌻 By rubyforest Updated Mar 01, 2017

That cute senior in art class. 
It seemed like he had such a beautiful mind. 
He's a smooth talker and flirty. He's funny as hell and has a bright smile that will make a girl melt into a puddle. 

    Kai is a sophomore. She has a passion for art and is shooting for a scholarship. Kai, wanting help and an excuse to talk to her crush, asks Brendon for some help on her technique. He takes an interest in her after spending time together after school.  He tells her about his goal to find the 'perfect canvas.' Kai loves how artistic and poetic and smart he is. She wants to help him. 

"The perfect canvas. That's what I'm looking for. But, that's when she walked in the door. 'You're late, Kai,' the teacher, Mr. Scott stated. She rolled her eyes and I heard her mutter, 'Obviously...' She was a sarcastic one, she would probably put up a fight; and I like that. She is what I am looking for."

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ptxisamazing123 ptxisamazing123 Sep 08, 2017
Am i the only one here who imagines the teacher as Scott Hoying
mama_dun mama_dun May 30, 2017
ok, so like are you my stalker? because my name is Kai,  and i'm an artist shooting for a scholarship like? and I love brendon urie
frankly-gerard frankly-gerard Aug 14, 2017
YO WHAT THE FVVVVVVVCK?! THIS SH!T IS FVCKN' creepy. not dope. frickin creepy. WhAt.
CrazyEqualsMe CrazyEqualsMe Mar 25, 2017
clovers_inthesun clovers_inthesun Sep 05, 2017
Yo... I thought this was going to be a sweet fanfic. I had a feeling I know where this is going .
TronlerTrashNumber1 TronlerTrashNumber1 Jan 04, 2017
I imagined this "only if you draw me like one of your French Girls Brendon