Heroes of Justice (MyStreet X SMD)

Heroes of Justice (MyStreet X SMD)

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Jessica Aphmau Odison, daughter of the god of thunder, has been hiding a secret from her friends. A very, big secret. It was until someone was killed in order for Aphmau's past to resurface. Now forced to protect her old friend from facing life in prison, Aphmau must also deal with her over-protective friend, Katelyn, who intendeds to find out anything and everything about Aphmau's past. 

After several hours of digging, Katelyn finally got her wish but at the cost of going into a coma due to Aphmau's sinister uncle, Loki. She's been given two weeks to either create a cure herself or join her uncle and his plans for world domination.  

Will Aphmau save her friend in time... is what a boring description would say. The real question is how much of her past is she willing to bring up in order to save her friend?

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Yesss Katleyn because of Aph tensing up she automatically knows the person and gone for a long time (most likely less then a day) you must snoop... not your best of moments Katleyn
I wouldn't confront or even snoop but I would be hungry......I need pancakes its 6:39 were I am
                              Drop the Bassmau
                              Here are all the different types of Aphmau I could think of.
DreamtMC DreamtMC Dec 19, 2016
. /l、
                              (゚、 。 7
                              l、゙ ~ヽ
                              じしf_, )ノ
soundscreecher soundscreecher Apr 17, 2016
Katelyn: I'll have to confront Aphmau, But right now I'm hungry!
                              Me: Cupcakes it is!
BodaciousT- BodaciousT- Aug 18, 2016
Same. I'm going to be in a car for 3 more hours.. 4 so far.. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh