Accepting The Bad In Him

Accepting The Bad In Him

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Elizabeth (Ellie) 
Viztas a normal 16 year old Junior at Pine Ridge Secondary school. She's a straight A student, a book lover and stays in the shadows. But what happens when the school's player-bad boy forces her to be his girl friend? Will she fall in love with him or hate him? Will she accept the bad in him?
       A big thanks to @therose1523 for the cover! I absolutely love it!!

       Warning there might be some cussing and violence in this book, so I'm sorry if you don't like that sort of stuff.  And I have not decided if there will or will not be any sexual content, but i have decided there won't be any time soon

       Some events that take part in this book might be true from no ones life other than myself 
      Most events that take part in this book are completely fictional. 
      Any names that match is purely a coincidence.
      All the names that were chosen for this book is purely because I like the names for that specific character.
       There will be some time skips but nothing major. Just like 'after school' skips or like 'the next day' kind of skips. I am sorry if that annoys you.

       And I am sorry if this is a bad description, this is my first story so sorry about that!

Started- March 4, 2016

Have never related to a character until now, only I okay basketball and I'm in choir, I have brown curly hair and I actually need my glasses.  . Everything else is me.
okeymendes okeymendes Jan 29
i'm literally listening lost it to trying from the paper towns soundtrack
Tahi2003 Tahi2003 Feb 09
I can already tell I'm gonna be in love with this book💗💗
Jurassic World... oml I was obsessed with that film when it came out. Mainly because of Chris Pratt tbh 😂😍
Serena-Lowery Serena-Lowery Aug 02, 2016
Same asf I always have to read the book before the movie. The book is always better and I like to see what they did wrong or changed or took out from the book
Blu_580 Blu_580 Dec 03, 2016
When u actually do that during the last 20 and u realize how lame it is yet u have a blast :/