Things Just Happen

Things Just Happen

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I'm Smart On Paper By PeopleSkillsAreRusty Updated Apr 13


Elizabeth (Ellie) Viztas a normal 16 year old Junior at Pine Ridge Secondary school. She's a straight A student, a book lover and stays in the shadows. But what happens when the school's player-bad boy forces her to be his girl friend? Will she fall in love with him or hate him? Will she accept that things just happen?
       A big thanks to @therose1523 for the cover! I absolutely love it!!

       Warning there might be some cussing and violence in this book, so I'm sorry if you don't like that sort of stuff.  And there is also sexual content. 

       Some events that take part in this book might be true from no ones life other than my own. 
      Most events that take part in this book are completely fictional. 
      Any names that match is purely a coincidence.
      All the names that were chosen for this book is purely because I like the names for that specific character.
       There will be some time skips but nothing major. Just like 'after school' skips or like 'the next day' kind of skips. I am sorry if that annoys you.

       And I am sorry if this is a bad description, this is my first story so sorry about that!

Started- March 4, 2016

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MackenzieP_14 MackenzieP_14 Mar 21, 2017
Highly crap this girl is me I'm a geek with tan skin and dark brown hair with glasses (except mine aren't thick rimmed they r metal) and I love the ford F-series I hate small cars
cece822 cece822 Apr 27, 2017
Let me guess the person/thing that was pinning you onto the was the the pb and j banana
ItsOliviaBitches ItsOliviaBitches Sep 29, 2017
Omgmy friend watched the lightning thief movie before the book, and once she read the book she said the book was a rip off
                              I slapped her and said girl bye
abbixlxigh123 abbixlxigh123 May 29, 2017
Ok so I actually love this book woo much I'm in love with it!
mak_is_heartbroken mak_is_heartbroken Mar 12, 2017
Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to read the book before the movie
rowlandbabes rowlandbabes Feb 01, 2017
Have never related to a character until now, only I okay basketball and I'm in choir, I have brown curly hair and I actually need my glasses.  . Everything else is me.