Anime Zodiacs | continued on another account

Anime Zodiacs | continued on another account

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to be deleted soon... By _LittleCutesyPie_ Updated Dec 15, 2016

I know many people have done this, but I wanted to do my own! But not by myself, but with my friend @candiblue! We were messaging each other and I got this idea! 
Writers: @_LittleCutesyPie_ & @candiblue

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jovelynj jovelynj Dec 29, 2016
I pity the person who gets this. You'll be in a world with a bunch of people playing gods, a crazy-ass murderer. A world that is collapsing and so on
Aww I want naruto :"( 
                              Welp... got to run now 
                              Fangirls and fanboys : * glare* U ain't escaping 
                              Me: Here it goes again *sigh*