Islamic Moral Stories!

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When You feel Like You Are Alone In This World, And There Is No One To Wipe Your Tears, Remember Wherever You Are...
    Allah Knows- Zain Bikha.
    You DO Not Have To Be Specific To Read This, Any Religion Is Welcomed To read, In The End, It Is You & God ! <3
Mashallah I cried when the boy brought out his brother and said all that to him. It was beautiful mashallah great job!
Masha Allah u write so amazing the thing that makes me happy is the use of stories in the prophets time  this teaches us the kind and sencere ways of the prophets and masha Allah may Allah swt make us behave like his prophets ameen 
                                    Masha Allah I hope ur friends embraces Islam n is taught its beuty
though I am not muslim, this was definitely worth the read. I like exploring different religions&cultures and i came across this, it was well written and i enjoyed the moral of the story. nice :]
Mashallah i heard that story lots of time and i love it mashallah it makes me cry knowing what a great things islam has mashallah beautiful :)
This story is fantastic.  Mashallah.  Beautifully written :)
Aww how sweet, this story brought tears to my eyes. It is a good lesson and I hope you post some more :). Although I maybe late to comment on your stories I promise to support you all the way :).