Certain Things (Camren AU)

Certain Things (Camren AU)

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gracie By iamgraciee Updated Jul 20, 2016

"You promise?"

"I promise."


Lauren has ADHD. She doesn't really trust many people, only Ally, Normani, and Dinah. 

Camila, being new to town. She meets Normani through Dinah, Ally through Normani, and eventually meets Lauren. 

Camila and Lauren live in the same apartment complex. 

Camila and Lauren have the same friends.

And Camila makes a promise to Lauren. A promise to never leave. 

Will Camila tend to that promise?

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TheIconLiving TheIconLiving Aug 13, 2017
this is why we can't have nice things Allyson Brook Hernandez
HappyNeverBeenSad HappyNeverBeenSad Jun 06, 2017
your jaw ? really mila ? my entire soul would drop to the floor if i ever see her irl
Fanficaddict__69 Fanficaddict__69 Aug 02, 2017
I would totally act like that if I ever see her bc I would try to look like I keep my cool when inwardly I'm screaming
ThatOneSarcasticNerd ThatOneSarcasticNerd Jul 18, 2017
My best friend has it, and on her bad day she always wants cuddles. But the hardest part is giving her her pills. It breaks my heart to see her so upset when she feels "normal" that day but still has to take the pills.
Karyme234 Karyme234 Dec 13, 2017
I have ADHD But I am an extreme Extrovert  <--meaning I LOVE TO TALK. And I talk a lottt and I get in trouble at school for talking to much. Although I am funny and I make friends with everyone because I make people laugh apparently
0nTheRun 0nTheRun Dec 24, 2016
Wait I thought having ADHD was like being dyslexic and hyperactive