Red and Blue Eyes (Undertale x Pacifist!Reader) *Discontinued*

Red and Blue Eyes (Undertale x Pacifist!Reader) *Discontinued*

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Felex By Felexine Updated Mar 27, 2017

(Y/N) was an average kid on the surface. They had learned about the war between Humans and Monsters and that they should never go to MT. Ebott. It was dangerous there. And you knew it. But you where determined to find your older sibling who had left to find you both a home. They had gone to MT. Ebott for you and you had to find them. Your big sibling meant the world to you and if you just sat down and did nothing you'd be letting them down. You had to find them... You had to find Chara...

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

Cover Art and all other art in the book is not mine unless I say otherwise

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