Being The Bad Boy's Mate

Being The Bad Boy's Mate

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This story is literally all over the place right now because it's my first book! read at your own risk!!!

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meaning steal this & you die

Random_person_5 Random_person_5 6 days ago
Lmao 😂 auto correct is so annoying sometimes 😂😂 you must have meant Theo James
hola_peoples hola_peoples 7 days ago
If i ever got told that i would look behind me and be like what ass?
Hollymonster1024 Hollymonster1024 7 days ago
People don't believe me that I'm good until they see me work.
Hollymonster1024 Hollymonster1024 7 days ago
I got highest average in my class for math when k was there for only half a school year. I love math
Jimin-BTS-Love Jimin-BTS-Love 2 days ago
I had to make sure this wasn't the boy's POV, but after checking, then reading on, I realized, only in her dreams.
                              ㅋㅋㅋ Lmao Lol kkkk
hola_peoples hola_peoples 21 hours ago
Everyone is like yea music and I'm hear thinking why dors it take him so long to get dressed