Listen, Lucky | Wattys 2016

Listen, Lucky | Wattys 2016

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JJ By artemismischief Updated Nov 26

Life has been pretty normal for Malia Reid for the past two years. She gets good grades, has nice friends, and most importantly: she stays out of trouble. 

Enter new boy Will Memory, who personifies trouble. He's an infamous bad boy and rebel, known to many as 'Maverick'.

Will and Malia have met before, when they were both serving time in a juvenile correctional facility, a part of her life her new friends know nothing about. The problem is, Will doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut and somehow Malia is going to have to persuade him to keep her secret.

Malia is not the girl she seems and only Will is able to detect this. She hides a traumatic past which threatens her present life, looming over her like a dark rain cloud. The question is, why does Will Memory feel such a strong desire to protect her? 


A Wattys 2016 entry, I'd appreciate any support that I can get!

That moment when you think it's just a normal book but then find MGG 😍😄😆
This is my husband and I would appreciate it if you kept his face off the internet 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃jk
This is how it is with my brother ughh we can't be left in the same room alone bc we will start fighting... Physically... Black eyes and all that jazz ... Once it started bc he ate one of my chettos.. But if someone ever tried to mess with me He would go off and vise versa
This is how it is with my little sister we are a year apart and we are always fighting
Jaimee_sage Jaimee_sage Nov 30
that would be actually really cool...if its real...if it is....WOW!!
This is my second time reading this and I'm catching the little hints 😏