Falling For The Bad Boy

Falling For The Bad Boy

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Amaya Murray By Amaya_Shada_Malik Completed

Andy Love is the good girl. Sure she does her homework, hell she's smarter than the teacher with all the work she does out of school. Although she doesn't have any friends and doesnt talk to any one other than her twin sister, Blare. She's silent because of her past, a past with the bad boy Dylan Haynes.

Dylan Haynes doesn't give a shit about you. You walk in his way and you'd regret it for the rest of your life, however long that may be. Sure he's probably the sexiest guy in the world, yah he's slept with almost every girl at school, but that doesn't mean he's the slightest bit nice.

What happens when the past catches up with the present? What was the reason for what the bad boy did? And why does he seem to care so much about someone he's torured for most of his life? What happens when Andy falls for the bad boy, and he falls right back!?(they both end up on the ground hehehe!! get it!? haha! hmm? Oh not the time? Oh, alrighty. Just ignore this then...)

This story is gonna be pretty much super cliche, buuuut I'm funny so read!(:

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GuiaMehaya GuiaMehaya Jan 01, 2017
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aesthetictrashdaddy aesthetictrashdaddy Feb 27, 2017
Go through hell and I'll make you see I'll be your worst enemy try to kick kick kick me when I'm down
                              (Sorry sws rules)
Carls101 Carls101 Apr 06, 2016
I'm listening to pillow talk as I read this it flowed together lol
50ShadesofMalums 50ShadesofMalums Jan 05, 2016
If the guy on the cover is the guy for ur book I will legit cry because he is dead in rl
Amaya_Shada_Malik Amaya_Shada_Malik Jun 28, 2013
Amaya_Shada_Malik Amaya_Shada_Malik Jun 27, 2013
@jojo_loves_1D Awe! Thank you!(: But yah it was pretty sad wasn't it! Anyways thanks for reading! I hope you like the rest of whats to come!(: