GTA 5 x Reader

GTA 5 x Reader

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{  3 Grand Theft Auto V Oneshots }

You've probably developed romantic feelings for "The Unholy Trinity," and that's why you're here. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are fueled in an epic battle to be paired up with no one else, but you. So, get ready for action, drama, n-bombs, and You'll be glad you clicked on this!

》》If confused, the details are inside.

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❌ Disclaimer: I do not own Grand Theft Auto, or any of it's characters. The fiction presented in this book, is entirely by me. The cover pages used, were edited using un-original artwork.

✔ Uploaded:
1. Franklin (3/27/16)
2. Michael (4/03/16)
3. Trevor    (6/19/16)

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Tho, sweet heart I know it sounds like dough... but it's just really Tho.