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Torturous Behaviors

Torturous Behaviors

628 Reads 4 Votes 2 Part Story
Dacey Keyser By AvidlyUninspired Updated Nov 26, 2010

Carson and Jenny are in love; but Jenny has a secret.  Jenny makes torture devices for fun, as well as having several mental disorders that are left untreated.  Together they debate murder, love and cannibalism.  This 3 part series of short stories, tells theirs.

cookieoflife cookieoflife Sep 17, 2011
Oh, and I am going to add this to my library right now! This story definitely deserves more votes! :D
cookieoflife cookieoflife Sep 17, 2011
Wow, this is AMAZING! The plot is original and I love the concept! Your writing style is superb and it fits perfectly with the story! Love it!
                              Please upload soon!
                              Bah Bye, 
                              CookieOfLife e.e
ga_garcia ga_garcia Nov 21, 2010
Wow this was amazing, seriously it is. It just planted a gazillion questions in my head.. So you definitely have to upload soon! And man, the image of that impaled blonde on the bike was gory. I wonder how they're going to remove her body off that bike though..
JakeSpilchuk JakeSpilchuk Nov 19, 2010
Great work! I hope you continue to write amazing short stories like this one!!!