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Introverted || Killua x Reader [Editing]

Introverted || Killua x Reader [Editing]

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「👑🌟」 By -Cielle- Updated 11 hours ago

"Hey, can I tell you something?"

"Of course!"

Come on Killua, tell her.




Introvert (n.)

a shy, reticent person or another term for introverted.

Introverted was the word that was described as a spitting image for (Y/n). She was bullied by a group of girls who sought out to make her life a living hell. That particular group was driving her to the brink of despair, causing her to think lowly of herself. As she was thrown into that ongoing spiral of misery, her parents were only making it worse by pressuring her to do well in school. She was neglected. Doing her daily lunch routine which consisted of swiftly grabbing something from the cafeteria and going onto the lonesome rooftop to eat in peace, a boy about her age had requested for her to eat with him along with his friends.

Little did she know, this was the start of a new chapter in her life.

Read to find out the rest!

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XXLove99 XXLove99 Jan 05
I'm won't fight back because if I did you would be dead already
blucy1 blucy1 7 days ago
I totally forgot I was reading a hunter x hunter FF and thought that her seat mate was Jhope/Ho Seok from BTS
I played a  yandere simulator role play before and I was rival and Killua was senpai. I won senpai.
KilluaZoldyckXD360 KilluaZoldyckXD360 Dec 21, 2016
If they do that on me on school, i'll use my assassination powers
My existence at school: Acts like is friends with everyone (bar a couple of bullies) but on the inside planning their slow and painful death
I'm kinda the invisible person at school...people don't mess with me and I don't mess with them, they only people I mess with are my friends