Introverted || Killua x Reader [Editing]

Introverted || Killua x Reader [Editing]

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Introvert (n.)

a shy, reticent person or another term for introverted.

This explained (Y/n) quite well. She was bullied by a group of girls who sought out to make her life a living hell. Those girls caused her to think lowly of herself, throwing herself into an ongoing spiral of despair and misery. It was already bad enough that her parents pressure her to do good in school. Doing her daily lunch routine, which consisted of grabbing something quickly from the cafeteria and going to the roof to eat alone, a young boy asked if she would like to have lunch with him.

Little did she know, this was the start of her story.

Read to find out the rest!

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I did that except with a coat over my head and it was a swing pole
I just want to say that this song  (Anna Blue - Silent Scream (Official Music Video) resembles this story... well I just think it does.
TamiyokoK TamiyokoK Aug 20
Well i cant say that didnt happen but that didnt happend at the time ;)
I did this once, but it was a bus stop pole. *shrugs* same difference
YasmienZoldyck YasmienZoldyck 7 days ago
If I'd make an excuse, I'd say my sorry excuse of a mother slapped me  (-__-)
SaphyrLULz SaphyrLULz Oct 28
I mean...I'm only 1X...and 4'10'''m only...wait how old is this killua?