Everything Has Changed. [Larry Stylinson] {Completed}

Everything Has Changed. [Larry Stylinson] {Completed}

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"Maybe I should just leave the band, eh?"

"That's what I've been telling you all along you dickhead. What's keeping you here?"

"A fucking contract."

"Well, so once the contract ends you're gone?" Louis inquired.

"Yes. I'm not saying goodbye, and I'm never looking back." 


Larry Stylinson as a romance? 

Ha ha. Sorry Larry shippers, it's all an act. Louis hates Harry. Harry hates that Louis hates him.

Harry finally came out.. To the world. He announced that he had a boyfriend named Will. 

Louis Tomlinson changed after that interview.. Everything did.

Louis pushes Harry around and hurts him emotionally and physically.

Harry wants everything back to normal.  But how can that happen if everything has changed so much?

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QueenLiana_21 QueenLiana_21 3 days ago
Louis, get that fat arse of yours into a mental hospital bc that's not the Lou I know and love.
SavageGerbil SavageGerbil 17 hours ago
                              JK this just makes me more worried about him 😯
hazza-loves-lou hazza-loves-lou 4 days ago
yo nigel at least buy him some takeout if you won't even take him to dinner first
SavageGerbil SavageGerbil 17 hours ago
Harry I'd appreciate it if u didn't roll my eyes again that was rather painful
_dRuNkKiWi_ _dRuNkKiWi_ Aug 05
Wait........Is this a Narry fic? I thought it was Larry! Never mind,I gotta Zayn! Its the wrong ship!
He sounds like a lady from the Swedish version of real housewives of ........... named gunilla persson, she is a sad excuse of a person.