Everything Has Changed. [Larry Stylinson] {Completed}

Everything Has Changed. [Larry Stylinson] {Completed}

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"Maybe I should just leave the band, eh?"

"That's what I've been telling you all along you dickhead. What's keeping you here?"

"A fucking contract."

"Well, so once the contract ends you're gone?" Louis inquired.

"Yes. I'm not saying goodbye, and I'm never looking back." 


Larry Stylinson as a romance? 

Ha ha. Sorry Larry shippers, it's all an act. Louis hates Harry. Harry hates that Louis hates him.

Harry finally came out.. To the world. He announced that he had a boyfriend named Will. 

Louis Tomlinson changed after that interview.. Everything did.

Louis pushes Harry around and hurts him emotionally and physically.

Harry wants everything back to normal.  But how can that happen if everything has changed so much?

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jadeyftlou jadeyftlou Oct 19, 2016
Louis, I hope you have to sit alone in a room with naughty boy for 5 days straight.
Its_meee_again Its_meee_again Nov 02, 2016
Your chair costs more than my house so how tf cant you have a room?
Conclusion: Louis is jealous harry came out with WILL 
                              Or.....Louis is mad harry didn't tell him first because their CLOSER..
zulleyma_28 zulleyma_28 Oct 15, 2016
Okay im kinda scared to read this one. But just like all the other books ive read, me feeling scared issnt a good thing. But here i go. I love to see me cry lol luv yall 😘😘
moonliqht moonliqht Nov 08, 2016
I've only read the description & I already feel attacked lmaoo
luvhing luvhing Sep 26, 2016
first time lmao, idk why I'm expecting them not to end up together sjaihdjs