Between The Shades Grass ~ flowerchild!harry & punk!louis story

Between The Shades Grass ~ flowerchild!harry & punk!louis story

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Harry lived a horrible life. He was an outcast and he was gay in a town that you shouldn't be gay in. He hated himself, and the only escape he had was an abandoned meadow. The only thing that made him feel safe was the flower crowns he wore on his head.

When a group of girls find him in the meadow, the girls all new to town and wide-eyed, happy to make friends with anybody, Harry feels just a tad bit cheerier. Especially when he sees their punk older brother.

The boy with the flowers and the boy with the tattoos. Opposite, but both eachother's escape.


Description by @LemonGirl11

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LarryWorldofWonder LarryWorldofWonder Sep 07, 2017
Is this the plot of The Witch of Blackbird Pond ? Cause she also goes to a meadow when she's sad. She's also not accepted AND there is also a creepy house there futhest away from town....weird
children who are abused pee in their beds btw. idk how many but ya
Babe— love, no
                              Don’t let your crown fall
                              Stand tall
                              You don’t deserve this
vileAmkeran vileAmkeran Oct 09, 2017
Sometimes when I make flower crowns
                              I feel pretty 😐
omg everyone is being harsh and forgetting the fact that he had to do everything himself growing up, he hasn't been taught anything by his parents. he wasn't taught right from wrong
I feel like a dïck for saying this but honestly I would be laughing at how cringy this is to my best friend of this actually happened at our school.