Bite Me Alpha

Bite Me Alpha

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Farrah By glitter_xox Completed

Book two of the Alpha Series!

Bethany Damien Chance. The daughter of the most powerful and strongest alpha of the world. She's 20 years old and is living a normal life until...

Jaxon Gray. The alpha of the second most powerful pack. He is 21 years old. He's mean and dangerous. But he has a good side just for that special someone who he hasn't found yet....

Jake Mason the Beta of the Blood Moon pack He is best friends with bethany.

Find out how they all meet and what happens next....
"You don't understand" he said sighing

"All you have to do is say it" I replied and he shook his head

"It's not that easy bethany. I said you don't understand" he muttered

"Make me understand then" I shouted and he walked towards and crashed his lips on mine
This book is not edited at all. 
Amazing trailer inside by: @Beautiful_Mess02

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kaylaa810 kaylaa810 Sep 18, 2017
She sounds like she's said it one million times and she's tired😂😂👏😝
loveyanna03 loveyanna03 Apr 15
Just finished the first one so here I go with the second one
BrambleWish BrambleWish May 18
I have a friend named Ashton whos decent  so ima just imagine him like dat for now!xD
If Beth had powers like Carter and Skylar wouldnt she be a tiger not a wolf?
I'm glad it not a 'im their biological oldest son  I should be alpha'fight
I thought it said "Bitch come and help me with the shopping". 😂😂