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Fnaf Daughter Scenarios

Fnaf Daughter Scenarios

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Toy_Cleo_The_Cat By Toy_Cleo_The_Cat Completed

You are their biological daughter

PennyPech PennyPech Feb 16
I find it weird that I'm born with a bow tie but I love this
Pankake_26 Pankake_26 Feb 09
If I was a boy I would be called Tj, why? Because my name would be weird.
RosalinaGrim RosalinaGrim Nov 23, 2016
Shadow Grim:Yay! Let the darkness arise!
                              Me: meh I'll let this one slide I guess *secretly happy for SG*
Dude, massive coincidence, but in my rps, Alex is the name of Chica's biological son.....this got awkward fast.
PennyPech PennyPech Feb 16
Man Jenna why u getting all the boys at least save toy Bonnie for me.