Naruto, The Neglected Hero |Completed|

Naruto, The Neglected Hero |Completed|

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I Talk! XD By Neko_Sayumi Completed

Book 2 of the neglected series!
What if ROOT didn't exist?
What if Minato & Kushina were alive?
What if Naruto had siblings, a cousin, an aunt, and an uncle?
What if his cousin was blamed for murder?
What if the Akatsuki was killed?
What if the Uchiha massacre didn't happen?
What if Danzo was dead?
What if Naruto was an ANBU?
What if Obito came back to Konoha?
What if Naruto's brother was evil?
What if Naruto was as strong as he was in Shuppiden at age 12?

Those are the questions... Lets find out the answers in this story of heartbreak, betrayal, hatetred, love and what ifs!

Started - 3/15/16

Finished - 4/12/16

I to accept feedback and constructive criticism, although I am not afraid to delete a comment that I find offensive. I don't really care if you write theories but if you have an idea that could help the story please PM me and not write it in the comments.

- Neko_Sayumi-Uchiha

M00NLight5 M00NLight5 Jul 24, 2016
That's still a bad reason to ignore a small human that you have life to
                              My brother almost died when he was a baby and I'm not ignored! 
                              Bad parents you need lessons from my moo moo and daddy
gabyfairytail gabyfairytail Dec 27, 2016
No. It's Guy. In Japan they say Gai, but in English it's Guy. And it's Kurenai. Typo
Emmy0212 Emmy0212 Jun 04, 2016
I thought it was Ayama? And what about Ayame from Ichiraku's?
iiNxruto iiNxruto Jun 25, 2016
                              I think there is a mistake. Cause Kakashi-senpai is 
                              M I N E.
                              I will go full out Yandere on her.
it's actually spelt jounin i know it seems weird but it is actually spelt that way
JazzyMin97 JazzyMin97 Jul 11, 2016
.... Naruto..... ((I know you probably didn't realise the missing word.))