The Devil's Game | A Muslim Love Story

The Devil's Game | A Muslim Love Story

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Zeynep. By ZoeySaidNot Updated Feb 01

REACHED 12th in spiritual (21/7/16)
A tale of one-sided, unfulfilled and insane love.

It was not fate that brought them together, it was need.
She needed money to save her brother and he needed a woman he could control.

She was everything he disliked in a woman: Fierce, wild, out-spoken, untamed, and ambitious. 
He was everything she disliked in a man: Selfish, greedy, immature, self-centered and possessive.

Shahzaib doesn't have pointy horn or a red cape but he came as everything as Dilek ever wanted. The way he desired her was almost painful, it was her fierceness that teased the devil out of him. For her, he could do anything, become anyone, and destroy anyone.

But it was too late; after all the art of losing isn't that hard to master.
"He is not in love with you, Dilek." He jeered, pushing her into the shower stall. She resisted but he threw her back with force, her back slamming against the wall as cold water started to descend on her. She cried out, clutching her frame and shivering.

"It's not your fault, Dilek." He leaned down, "You are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with you, he chose the wrong woman." 

She gasped for breath, tears stinging her eyes. "It could have been you, Dilek. With him it could have been you," he whispered, his hand coming and going to the back of her neck to grasp her head.

"It could have been me," she said to herself. "It could have been me." She choked back a sob. 

"But he chose her, Dilek." He turned the water off, wiping her tears away. He pressed his lips against her jaw, panting against her neck. "It's going to be alright, you have me. You don't deserve him."

Her heart raced. Her evil thoughts taking over her consciousness.

"I don't deserve him." she stated, lifting her head up, "I am too good for him."

"That's the spirit, Mrs. Adnan." His hands clamped down on her shoulder, heat seeping through them into her body. "You are mine, just keep that on your mind and I will give you everything you desire, my love

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@ZoeySaidNot  ye gif change Karo .. It gives the vibe that Dalo is a cry baby, which she is not.
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Umm where are the rest of the chapters may I ask?? You were doing such a good job why did you remove the chapters??
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Defne is bae. I even intend an important character after her :')
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