[Alpha] The Mating Games

[Alpha] The Mating Games

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(*^_^*) By x_Trebelle_x Updated Dec 17, 2017

When one of the most powerful Alphas in the United Island loses his mate in an unfortunate incident as she betrays him, Alpha Damien is given one more chance from the moon goddess, that she will grant him the gift of a real and authentic mate bond once he chooses his new mate. Somehow along the way his Beta and brother Keith is included in this deal.

Gifted with this one in a million opportunity, the Alpha chooses to create a competition in which women from all over their world can enrol to enter and play to become one of the most powerful Lunas in their world in order to gain back the trust and respect from his pack. 

Amongst the thousands of intelligent and worthy women, there's Pria dragged along by her concerned best friend Diana. But Pria just can't let herself fall in love. Not again, not after him, even though she knows she has to, she doesn't know if she can.

Welcome to the Mating Games. And Join Pria in her journey, amongst betrayal magic of the best and worst kind and plot twists that no one can see coming. Cry with her, laugh with her sympathise with her, for you might as well be living in a world that she is too.

But is it really that easy? Not everyone wants to play the game like it is.

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pinkpanther4432 pinkpanther4432 Oct 09, 2017
Please tell me I'm not the only one who sang this as if it was a song?
Jodykay34 Jodykay34 Nov 07, 2017
Okay what happened to her main course till like a lamb and why is she being so mean to Diana I come on that your friend I know you going through some things that you don't have to be mean to the one person that's there for you either
wigmonk wigmonk Aug 29, 2017
Home ec 101. Cooking, first aid, babies, ordering people around Luna qualities.
OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Jan 05
Yes, believe in yourself because I'm fuckin wonder woman, (Diana 😂)
charlarrylotty charlarrylotty Jul 31, 2016
When it says jet black hair I started singing Jet black heart by 5SOS
smileyemily93 smileyemily93 May 16, 2016
Umm.... I don't know. I am slightly confuzzled right now. Could be because it's 6 in the morning. Could be that I didn't have my morning coffee. Could lack of gettin some. Could be anything at this point.