[Alpha] The Mating Games

[Alpha] The Mating Games

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~~*~~Pria just can't let herself fall in love not again, not after him. But what happens when an alpha decides to hold a contest for him to find the best mate? 

"Come on Pria! This is your last chance at a mate, shouldn't you be welcoming it with open arms, what happened to you? The old Pria would've jumped at the opportunity -" Diana lectured. 

"The old Pria wouldn't need another chance. Clearly, she's gone. This isn't the old Pria, she's not coming back Dee." I cut off. 

She glared at me for a second before launching into the rest of her little speech.

"An opportunity of a lifetime! Imagine! Being mated to an alpha. Although I can't take on that much responsibility I'll go for the Beta" She paused after seeing the look on my face and hurriedly continued 

"But I know you can! Just imagine it! The endless love the pups the idolisation -" 

"Just imagine the constant business trips, the loneliness, what if he meets someone else while he's gone? What then!" I almost shouted at her

"He'd never treat you like he did, just promise me you'll think about it." she said quietly. 

I nodded and she left the room.

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So...The Bachelor. It's The Bachelor with werewolves. That's the vibe I'm getting thus far.
DawnOfDay82 DawnOfDay82 Dec 20, 2016
I'm really excited to see what you come up with do please update soon if your able to!!