Think Of Me

Think Of Me

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"How can you do this to your daughter?!" Jeanna screamed, her face red and eyes narrowed to slits. Adjusting her composure, she continued, “All you are is a sperm donor. She doesn’t need you. I don’t need you. I hope you’re happy."

"My…my daughter?" Aaron looked speechless. His mouth hung open slightly, and his eyebrows were raised into his hairline.


Single mother Jeanna Martin has only wanted the best for her daughter, Risa. When Risa’s father walked out on them when Jeanna was pregnant, Jeanna vowed to do anything to protect her little girl from heartbreak.

What she didn’t plan on was seeing Risa’s father again three years later… especially as a Broadway star. What’s worse is Aaron Tveit acts as if he knows nothing of his daughter’s existence. Or is it an act?

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Suga_is_daddy Suga_is_daddy Sep 09, 2017
Sadly the reason we can't feed ducks bread is because it harms them
jaune-ame jaune-ame Apr 23, 2017
So I just found this out, but apparently bread is harmful to ducks... 😶
What kind of teacher says booty in front of a 3 year old kid ? 😧😨😱
Forde415 Forde415 Sep 26, 2016
Y'all shoes are a hot mess! Not appropriate for the event😐