Letting You Go Was The Hardest Thing

Letting You Go Was The Hardest Thing

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Sheena By TheRedDelilah Updated Aug 27, 2012

It was hard for Charlotte to let go of her best friend, Dalton, the boy she fell in love since she was nine years old, to make way for her sister, Caroline, who happens to be in love with him too. It was hard for her but in order to make someone happy, even if it meant sacrificing her own, she was willing to let go.

It all happened around her senior year, where she let go the only thing that mattered to her and after graduation, she moved away with no intention of going back.

Four years later, on her college graduation day, her parents asked rather demanded her to come home with a reason that shocked her senseless.

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XDannieXD XDannieXD Jul 05, 2017
*completely ignores the hints of the devastating blow that is about to come*
                              Well that was a short story!!! How cute AND They lived happily ever after the end.😁
vJCARv vJCARv Apr 21, 2017
Her sister slutty bitch is desperate af😒😒😒 she needs to stay out of peoples lives she think she can get all of the guys why not just wait she is spoiled as all hell
ElaineKnightley ElaineKnightley Oct 18, 2017
Reading this for the second time and my heart is still breaking in a thousand pieces
vJCARv vJCARv Apr 21, 2017
Imma cut a hoe I hate her sister because she is like MY sister seriously
Wait so you missed your daughters graduation because you other one was getting married soonish?!?!
SavannahRMinor SavannahRMinor Apr 21, 2017
This bothers me so much but it's funny how she messes with our emotions.