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Blaze and the Mafia -Wattys 2016-

Blaze and the Mafia -Wattys 2016-

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Libanator By libanator Completed

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First in Mafia series.

As I felt the chloroform pressed against my mouth I kicked back, sending the guy flying to the floor.
"Michael," I yell, pulling on his arm, "you gotta get up, ok?" 
Reluctantly, he begins to run with me into the Forrest. I pull him quickly as he recovers from the fall, despite feeling drowsy from the chloroform. The man must have recovered by now and chances are he's gaining on us at lightning speed. I feel Michael catch himself under his feet and speed up having recovered from the fall. 
He looks to me, "Split up?"
I nod knowing exactly what he's thinking. There's only one of him and two of us, he can't take us both out. Just as we approach the lake, we split, confusing the man. He had stopped and was watching us both run away, probably evaluating which one of us he had a better chance with. I turn back to look where I'm going when I hear a loud bang. I scream. Pain flares up in my lower leg as though something bit me. The bullet ripped through my leg but stopped as I clearly have no exit wound. Expecting the man to have almost caught up with me, I look up only to see his back as he runs after Michael.

18 year old Blaze is kidnapped and taken from her home town along with her best friend Michael.
When she gets there she easily assumes what they could want from her. Drugs, sex, money? But what if, it's something more? Something that never crossed Blaze's mind?
When Blaze's past catches up with her how will she react to the old faces on new people? and when her two lives cross, will she be able to save the ones she loves, or will they end up like everyone else she cared about?

First in the Mafia series.

Started: 31st March 2016
Completed: 19 June 2016

Don't worry! What matters is the first step! It does have to be edited from the beginning :)
apisgirl apisgirl Apr 30
                              'Minuet' was a french dance that was popular in the  17th and 18th century; it could work as a unit of time since the songs back then usually were about 15 mins long ...😜
The book doesn't have to be edited or finished, it's just great that you have written a book that I can't wait to read😸 @libanator
DarkAngelAlways27 DarkAngelAlways27 Sep 18, 2016
Poor baby. Are you mawod. With your widdle cheeks. 😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
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