elevator; mingyu + wonwoo

elevator; mingyu + wonwoo

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in which two boys get stuck in an elevator together


completed: 16th of april, 2016

emis_123 emis_123 Feb 02
He didn't sound so rude too me. He used "please and thank you" in the same sentence. That's pretty nice. I wouldn't even answer and press the button myself tbh xD
kpopandanimoo kpopandanimoo Aug 25, 2016
I read a jeongcheol one like this I'm so excited I love these type of fics
sunha_ sunha_ Aug 11, 2016
Wasn't something similar to this written by ohmyjisoos? They have a Jeongcheol ff called Elevator Traps~
VelociD VelociD Feb 01
I'm still playing it to these days as well as color switch and my friends hate it
emis_123 emis_123 Feb 02
YES THANK U SEUNGCHEOL! like so many people and so on say no when people asks them this. Like, U SHOULD NOT WASTE A OPPORTUNITY LIKE THIS! SAY YES AND ORDER EVERYTHING U WANT