Don't Panic •Perrentes Mpreg•

Don't Panic •Perrentes Mpreg•

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Spin off of Screaming on the Inside •Kellic Mpreg• you don't have to read it but it develops the characters which is kind of important! 


Mike and Tony had been messing around for awhile with out any one finding out. Eventually they get caught but they love each other too much to care. Everyone thinks that Mike is the more masculine in the relationship because that's the way he portrays himself, but in truth Tony is. When they make a mistake how will Mike cope with everyone finding out his real role in his relationship? 

Disclaimer: I don't own the band I only own original characters! I also don't own any pictures unless I say so!

Title Credit: Don't Panic album by All Time Low!

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Zalaxy143 Zalaxy143 Jul 11, 2017
Who can I relate to more...? Hmmmm Austin..... or Mike....? Idk
Face_the_End Face_the_End Jun 28, 2017
I honestly can't say I'm surprised the author seems to like switching up the assumed tops/bottoms in their fics
Zalaxy143 Zalaxy143 Jul 11, 2017
I thought I said "Avery the Gaskarth's kid yelled bounced up and down on Harley Biersack and I died and thought "Calm down kid you aren't ready for it yet" xD but then I read it again and my mood went down xP
Face_the_End Face_the_End Jun 28, 2017
I can't decide if I think Andy chose the name because of Batman or if Ashley chose it because of motorcycles
silversuneyes silversuneyes Aug 07, 2017
But like... Tony's nearly as tall, has piercings and more tattoos than you if I'm right?
Zalaxy143 Zalaxy143 Jul 11, 2017
*evily strokes chin like stroking fake beard* *turns around to the crowd* what? Oh shiz gotta blast 😂🚀