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Love Hexagon (Night Guard X Reader)

Love Hexagon (Night Guard X Reader)

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bill potts 🗑 #1 By winchesta_sista Completed

Your name is y/n L/n and you decide too get a job as a night guard at fazbears pizzeria. (Your an idiot) once there you meet 5 other night guards and fall head over heels the all fight for your affection and will do anything too get who will you end up with and who will survive this game of love

Me:*Knife at grapes throat* back off grape
                              Vincet: *nosebleeds and smiles*
Me: GET UR UGLY ASS HAND OFF MEH! *slaps hand away* 
                              *screams in everyone's face * I..AM FREEE *all around me are familiar faces worn out places*
Herwipottah Herwipottah Dec 02, 2016
Hi, my name's Sami, your future wife,... 
                              I'm the one who will bare your children
DarkShadowCharizard DarkShadowCharizard Dec 13, 2016
Help me Scotty! (Beam me up Scotty. If anyone gets the reference.)
Fritz is perfect for me!!! Here's 2 reason:
                              Reason 1. Me and him loves to eat food
                              Reason 2. IM SLIGHTLY CHUBBY TOO PERFECT MATCH!!!!
derpykitten503 derpykitten503 Aug 04, 2016
Don't call me kitten grape unless you want to have a bad time...