Heart like Ice || Levi Ackerman x Reader

Heart like Ice || Levi Ackerman x Reader

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🌈 By NineTailedAhri Updated Jun 12, 2017


[name], a stoic girl who does not care at all and also a top graduating cadet in the Survey Corps. She always dream to join the survey corps since her biological parents died, murdered in front of her eyes.

She was an adopted child before she met her childhood friends Eren, Mikasa and Armin. Her life in her foster parents were hell, she got abused and not-well treated.


DISCLAIMER:  I do not own the Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on titan and the characters. It belongs to Hajime Isayama. I do not own the pictures as well. I only own here is this book/plot.
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PotatoChibi PotatoChibi Sep 06, 2017
That's a good question, we're told to care for others but why care when they don't care about us
Jade-Dun Jade-Dun 5 days ago
I stopped giving a shït when my whole life went down hill
                              That’ll be the day I was born
Cutielai_14 Cutielai_14 Sep 20, 2017
Outside me:But Armin dear it's happening right now 
                              Inner me: bruh! Do you have eyes or are u blind?!?
On that Day humanity recived a grim reminder 
                              That this scene has been parodied so much no one can take it seriously anymore
the-yandere-queen the-yandere-queen Sep 20, 2017
Hmmm that's a good question and tbh I'm always the one who doesn't care, I'm usually the one who always has an emotionless face and doesn't really cares for what happens ;-;
slightlyhigh slightlyhigh Apr 02, 2016
Sometimes I don't believe you when you say that English isn't your first language lol like you have good english skills