Dreaming Jimin [completed]

Dreaming Jimin [completed]

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in love with a monster By theBABELLE Completed

Do you ever get this feeling that something is the most ilogical thing in the world, however you wouldn't do anything differently even if you get a second chance?

That's what happens when you wake up in a place that you never saw before, in the body that is definitely not yours. That one time I became Park Jimin.

I wouldn't do anything differently. 

::Based on true story::

Published 2016 March 5th

This is a great concept. Seriously! I'm in love with it! ❤️
hypnosis- hypnosis- Mar 05
wait... you had a dream like that in REAL life or you just created?? because it's hella epic
eunheebts99 eunheebts99 Aug 15
Wow I wish I had that dream but I only have 2 BTS dreams it's not really fun as urs
Siou-M Siou-M Jul 09
You can give the translation please because I can't read korean...