Emo And Girly(Rolu)

Emo And Girly(Rolu)

16.5K Reads 604 Votes 20 Part Story
Anyss Heartfilia By AnyssHeartfilia Completed

Lucy is a new transfer student from Fairy academy.She is a girly girl,who know an emo can fall in love with girly girl after broke with many girl.After Lucy came to his school,Lucy helps rogue change his destiny.He will show to his father that he will be a useful son to him.

Suddenly a girl who had a crush at Rogue appeared and they were kissing that makes Lucy upset and they broke up.That times Rogue felt emptiness inside him.Since that he became an emo again.

With the help of the gang to get a confidence from Rogue.They try to cheer him up.When they found out that it was Dobengal plans to make Lucy leave Rogue.Sting decided to tell Lucy the truth that Rogue is not cheating on her. At last,the gang were happy because they won in the battle band.Thanks to Sting because of him Rogue and Lucy can be together again.The end.

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