Silent Sniper

Silent Sniper

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10k is 'Mazing By PuppyFreckles Updated Oct 25, 2016

This is a Z Nation/10k fan fiction.

The consistent pounding on the door suddenly stops with four whistling bullets. Finally.....Silence graves my presence for the first time in three days. 

A/N: The characters and most of the story line do NOT belong to me. Z Nation belongs to the SYFY channel. I am just writing a fan fiction.

PuppyFreckles PuppyFreckles Oct 20, 2016
I forgot to say freaking OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU PUT IN CLOCKS CALLED! Where I am in America, it's exactly 12. Cheese and rice this is frustrating me.
Italkboys5sos Italkboys5sos Jun 13, 2016
Right now it's going good so far so I don't understand what you need to do other than just continue to upgrade
PuppyFreckles PuppyFreckles Oct 20, 2016
I sound like the teacher I hated in Harry potter 5. Mrs umbridge I think? POTTERHEADS HELP ME!!!!
10kelseyh 10kelseyh Oct 13, 2016
Love it! Love your account, I love Z nation and Merlin as well!