Silent Sniper

Silent Sniper

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10k is 'Mazing By PuppyFreckles Updated Oct 25, 2016

This is a Z Nation/10k fan fiction.

The consistent pounding on the door suddenly stops with four whistling bullets. Finally.....Silence graves my presence for the first time in three days. 

A/N: The characters and most of the story line do NOT belong to me. Z Nation belongs to the SYFY channel. I am just writing a fan fiction.

A/N: MY STORY, YOU STEAL IT, YOUR DEAD END OF STORY. IF YOU GET INSPIRED BY IT, THEN I'M FLATTERED, BUT WRITE IT DIFFERENT, ( like how I got the ideas from the shows, but tweaked it for Ash, see. It's possible to use others work for yours, but you don't have to steal it.)

PuppyFreckles PuppyFreckles Oct 20, 2016
I forgot to say freaking OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU PUT IN CLOCKS CALLED! Where I am in America, it's exactly 12. Cheese and rice this is frustrating me.
Italkboys5sos Italkboys5sos Jun 13, 2016
Right now it's going good so far so I don't understand what you need to do other than just continue to upgrade
PuppyFreckles PuppyFreckles Oct 20, 2016
I sound like the teacher I hated in Harry potter 5. Mrs umbridge I think? POTTERHEADS HELP ME!!!!
10kelseyh 10kelseyh Oct 13, 2016
Love it! Love your account, I love Z nation and Merlin as well!