Ephemeral (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

Ephemeral (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

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Arisa Kim By neverlanded Updated Aug 24

adjective: lasting for a short time

In which Marinette and Adrien's kwami are switched in the midst of an Akuma attack.

[A Miraculous Ladybug short story]

chia2oo2 chia2oo2 May 02
Yes! I always wanted to see plagg have a conversation with Mari!
Yandere Simulator
                              Chat Noir
                              Ayano as Chat Noir
                              I AM BROKEN
Why does this remind me of the "Cherry Tree Myth" in Yandere Simulator?
Clique_Kat Clique_Kat Apr 10
Yeah probably... but some of the best story's are when a person crashes the wedding.... just sayin
daytimenyc daytimenyc May 09, 2016
Aw, thanks for the mention (which I didn't see until now)! I've been meaning to get into Miraculous Ladybug (mostly to read your fanfics actually xD) but it's on the list of 101 fandoms I also want to join. ^-^" Maybe by the end of the year though. :D
BbyMelxo BbyMelxo Jul 12, 2016
I was thinking about doing a book like this but I changed my mind, so I'm happy someone else had the same idea and I can't wait to read this!