Switched (Miraculous Ladybug)

Switched (Miraculous Ladybug)

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LadyNoirShipping By LadyNoirShipping Updated Dec 01, 2016

Ladybug and Chat Noir switch bodies due to an akuma attack. Reluctantly having to reveal their identities to each other, the duo now must live each other's lives as they try to find a way to switch back. The switch may not be all that bad though as they learn more about each other than they ever would have before.


Cover art is drawn by 미라큘러스 아드마리 on Twitter

That describes me unfortunately XD I'm pudgy and I have acne that refuses to go tf away
This sounds like an Akuma victim I made. Basically, my Akuma victim was transgender ad sick of being in the "wrong" body. So the akuma was like swapping peoples genders, but Chat ended up being all like "im such a sexy woman. I'd bang myself."  
                              (I made this Akuma for the sole purpose of fanart.)
flessasEC flessasEC Aug 04
                              HE CANT MAKE A PUN!! THIS BAD!
I just imagine them stating the phrases like they do with their old ones. So like Adrien says lucky charm really intensely and marinette says cataclysm  more upbeat. Idk XD
CDC2003 CDC2003 Oct 04, 2016
I love this!!! Did anyone laughed at this?No.Only me.Okay.😐😞
HareShare HareShare Feb 25
God, I imagined something worse here. Something that would be way more painful for our akuma...😅