together again // septiplier

together again // septiplier

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{sequel to kik // septiplier}

After high school and once they were off to college, Mark and Jack ended their relationship.

They'd tried moving on, but alas, they were stuck. They were sad alone.

But one day, they finally reconnected.

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Jack: MARK?! 
                              Mark:*in the crowd*
                              Jack: MAAARRK?! 
                              Mark:*cant hear*
                              Jack:*clears throat* YOU COULD'VE BEEN AN ENGINEER 
                              Mark: AAHHHHHHHHHH
                              Jack: found him
                              *kneels down and puts a steven universe bandaid on your forehead* BE SHOOK
WerewolfSenpai101 WerewolfSenpai101 4 days ago
... What ic its not Olivia that wants to be named Olive, but the restraunt?
I'm half way threw the story and I'm gana stop reading it I likes "kik"but not this one
The2unicorn The2unicorn 2 days ago
Um what exactly?🤔lets remember, making ,out making ,bed , making out, yeah such an old friend
The2unicorn The2unicorn 2 days ago
MARK GET BACK DONT YOU RUN FROM ME!!!!*sits him down* good boy.😊