Myth & Magic *Under Editing*

Myth & Magic *Under Editing*

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Telisha R By Bringmebacktoreality Updated Mar 13, 2016

"The love that binds us is more important than the power we wield."


Living in Camelot has never been easy. With the constant death threats to the royal family, the rampaging bandits, the executions, the ban on magic, dangerous assassins and terrifying magical creatures. Yet that all just seems to happen a lot more frequently when a young warlock named Merlin comes to the city. Kalin Richards, an orphan living in the castle under the care of Uther, quickly becomes intrigued by the young boy and unknowingly becomes a part of the legend that will live forever.

Disclaimer: Everything you don't recognise is mine.

(In the middle of editing, so please bare with me guys)

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girly_gal_likes_cats girly_gal_likes_cats Aug 19, 2017
I'm confused, is it a Merlin love story or Arthur?? Idk for sure. Could someone help me out??
amour-xoxo amour-xoxo Nov 21, 2017
I never realized how twistingly iconic this is from Morgana's mouth.
MelonSeal MelonSeal Apr 09, 2017
When i saw this i was like....
                              "Okay, no new book in the war that what i think it is? *looks at the description and suddenly becomes high* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS!!!!"
totally_pengwing totally_pengwing Sep 11, 2016
The first time I've seen Merlin I was 8. Now I'm 15. But that one is still such a burn! 😂😂