Anything for you

Anything for you

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"It couldve been worse." He says as he sits down exhausted

"How.." i sob.

"We couldve gone against your word and just killed them." He replies earning a glare from me.

"Thanks that makes me feel loads better." I say sarcastically.

"But we didnt, cuz we all love ya too much."

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EmiliaLightvale EmiliaLightvale Aug 17, 2017
When i die for u, Sans:
                              On the battlefield where everything was chaos.You have nothing but the way you feel a strategy and a sword.You're just think about the life you had together after the war, and you're Do it for her That's how you know you can win.You will Do it for her
SonicAngel360 SonicAngel360 Jun 26, 2017
Role credits on the first chapter X'D
                              And i didnt read the description so i hope there wasnt important info x3
                              i loves it already
DToftheDarkThief DToftheDarkThief Jul 17, 2017
*spits gum out in surprise then runs away screaming in terror*
PencilPenny2 PencilPenny2 Jul 31, 2017
Wow... First chapter and they kissed already
                              That escalated quickly
                              But good writing though
emiliusbelle emiliusbelle Mar 26, 2016
Wait is that it? Is it over? You should continue its really good!