Bullied by Tyler Joseph | #Wattys2016

Bullied by Tyler Joseph | #Wattys2016

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🌸 ➳ LeSenpai ➳ 🌸 By LeSenpai Updated Aug 01, 2017

My bully is a psychotic ukulele loving blurry face hottie-

Thanks to @tytyjoshif for this beautiful cover <3 senpai

Lol #244 in humor my dudes

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kewl_asian kewl_asian Jun 21, 2017
As soon as I saw the title I knew I had to read this! 😂😂
xkoalanerd xkoalanerd Apr 19, 2017
This picture for the chapter made me visualize tyler shooting his ukulele like a gun and tinier ukuleles coming out of it and now i can't stop laughijg omggg
stuffyweekes stuffyweekes May 05, 2017
Can he bully me please? Like, summon him into my school and have him bit me with his ukulele and be sassy and we can be sassy enemies
derpotrash derpotrash Apr 09, 2017
You get hit twice and all you say is "weird"? Hoe somebody was bout to get hit
Blurry_Yoongi Blurry_Yoongi Sep 22, 2017
I read it in the voice of Eric Cartman and i can't stop laughing 😂
blrrytits blrrytits Mar 05
*looking at the title page* 
                              Wh.... What whaaaattttt? *Intense coughing session**WHEEZE*