Sins (Fontcest)

Sins (Fontcest)

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{: Roman :} By ImGayTrash Updated May 09

Cover belongs to @SuricateDash

If you don't like this ship, homosexuality, incest, or spoopy skeletons, don't read. 

      I have a horrible sense of humor.. I'm not sorry at all. Just read it. It's not something you'd expect.

Instant noodles from undertale is all it's reaming me or space noodles now I want some noodles.
dogey1215 dogey1215 Mar 13
I just imagine freaking out as in getting electrocuted in who's your daddy
Rosette556 Rosette556 Dec 18, 2016
Aww he wanted to hold big Brothers hand😆😆😆😆😍😍😍😍😍😍
TardyIsRealFTW TardyIsRealFTW Sep 08, 2016
nooooooo. papy should gives sans the orange nice cream. *eyebrowswiggle*
TicciKat7 TicciKat7 Jan 29
Okay so I looked at the cover and the title and I said: cough cough. Cough Cough. COUGH COUGHHHHHHH
mayorrin-- mayorrin-- Jul 05, 2016
He put his large Shrek hands on my back and crossed them
                              ""Shrek is love
                              Shrek is life""
                              Now, for the undertale version
                              Papyrus put his large bony hands on my back, whispering
                              ""Papyrus is love
                              Papyrus is life""