Mrs. Evans (GirlxGirl)

Mrs. Evans (GirlxGirl)

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Throughout Riley's life, she's been through some stuff. Her mom an abusive alcoholic, while her dad is a famous surgeon who travels the world. After a near-death experience, Riley and her little sister Jackie are forced to live with their older brother Josh. He was practically a stranger to them. 

Three years later, they created such a strong bond that Riley will forever be grateful of, but rarely shows her affection for her brother. As her nightmares about her mom increase, she finds herself starting senior year of high school in the midst of it. Her best friend who understands exactly what she is going through tries her hardest to help, as well. 

Intrigued by an English teacher who is shockingly new to the school, Riley has a hard time focusing on anything else. Will Riley and this mysterious teacher get involved? 

What happens when a revengeful ex tries to get into the middle of it all? 

LESBIAN CONTENT!! No homophobia, or hate comments will be tolerated. If you don't read stuff like this, please feel free to press the arrow. 

Warning: Sexual content, and strong language. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

All rights reserved.

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Jace_Naeem Jace_Naeem Mar 01
I just freaking came up with one in 1 min jeez hurry up dummy
bleeblox bleeblox Oct 20, 2017
That's how it state the story of. ...
Jace_Naeem Jace_Naeem Mar 01
Voice crack must’ve been hilarious damn I’m hardcore laughing
bleeblox bleeblox Oct 20, 2017
EVANS MY DADS NAMEEEE i dont think i can read this 😢😢😢
laura_h9720 laura_h9720 Nov 06, 2016
omg i'm in love with the story the second i read Kawasaki zx14r i'm extremely jealous 😍😍 i have a suzuki gn125
Misty2Dorothea Misty2Dorothea Dec 29, 2016
You can at 18, they just WON'T serve you Alcohol, so order a coke with NO Rum 😄