Mrs. Evans (GirlxGirl)

Mrs. Evans (GirlxGirl)

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Riley is not like everyone else. She is the most stubborn girl you would ever meet. She doesn't whatsoever stop fighting for what she believes in. 

Throughout her life, she has been through some shit. Her mom an alcoholic and extremely abusive. The best friend who is always by her side no matter what. Her dad, a famous surgeon that travels a lot. And a geeky brother who loves her but sometimes can't stand her unbearable attitude and anger. Don't forget her little sister that she is very protective of. 

But what happens when she meets the new English teacher? 

Will she become intrigued and start to allow herself to open up? Or will she push away from the fear of being hurt again? 

What happens when a revengeful ex tries to get in the middle and ruin everything?

laura_h9720 laura_h9720 Nov 06, 2016
omg i'm in love with the story the second i read Kawasaki zx14r i'm extremely jealous 😍😍 i have a suzuki gn125
Misty2Dorothea Misty2Dorothea Dec 29, 2016
You can at 18, they just WON'T serve you Alcohol, so order a coke with NO Rum 😄
Depressedfxck Depressedfxck Jun 08, 2016
This is a beautiful story. It shows emotion and character, it honestly feels like you are living within the story. Great job by the way!