Reborn Into Another

Reborn Into Another

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killerbomb By killerbomb Updated Jul 15, 2016

A girl named Andy died by being pushed off a cliff. When she opens her eyes, she sees that she is a baby in another place. She is in Naruto world in Sakura Haruno's body. 
This can't be good, especially since she doesn't know what happens when she is not a narutard. 

But there are some evil trying to destroy the world, coming her way, trying to stop her from becoming powerful and will stop at nothing. 
Will Sakura become powerful and save the shinobi world or will the darkness succeed? 

Look out world! A new Sakura is coming your way, and with an awesome adventure you won't forget. 

Disclaimer :I don't own naruto

This reminds me when my dad tries to take my iPad away from me KEYWORD:TRY
I never really hated Sakura..she was always just..well there
Lol, I can't think straight either 'cause
                              I'm gay XD
jennybaba10 jennybaba10 Jun 07
Hold up there.....
I love Sakura, but also hate her. But I love how she got stronger!
Tbh i love sakura because she had the courage to express her love to the only person she loved. That is something i can never do, so I have respect for her. Also because of her development.