Grim reaper RWBY X Male Reader

Grim reaper RWBY X Male Reader

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Mr BadFox By low-life-writer Completed

I do not own RWBY

Bad part of this story is this is my first writing sorry for bad grammer and action.

Description you are an 16 year old teen that happen to be stuck in another world. How that happen was when you were alone in your house in a storm a lighting hit your power pole and messed of your activity. You tried to open your bedroom door but when you opened it you were pulled in a portal on the other side of the door. (Chow)

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xXgrimm_LordXx xXgrimm_LordXx Jun 02, 2017
Ho ho ho i see where this is going, and hopefully soo feel it to....
I just thought of something if you brand a male and female grimm and they have a baby will the baby also be brand...if grimm can even mate that is
dragonmaster7822 dragonmaster7822 May 27, 2017
Sigma, welcome to the club my man
                              Now, don't turn anyone into the Meta
NuoNites NuoNites Apr 02, 2017
Yeah, that's actually REALLY dark... Considering that Grimm disintegrate upon death, soooooo..... In order to get the bones... It needs to be skinned/de-boned alive....
Godly_Phoenix Godly_Phoenix Nov 22, 2017
Reminds me of dragon smithing in skyrim. Dragon Bone Smithing I mean.
Xthefox Xthefox Jul 26, 2017
                              *SPITS WHILE SPEAKING*